Sutherland Shire Sport Flying Association

Membership Renewal Due

The NSW Premier has announced changes to the restrictions, it is now possible to have 20 members present at the field from Saturday 13th June 2020. 

There will however still be a few limitations and requirements to go with this, please see the list below: 

  • Social distancing, 1.5 meters between any member at all times, this must be observed.
  • ANY sickness – DO NOT COME TO THE FIELD!!! Please ensure that if you do not feel well, then please do not risk it.
  • Consider downloading the CovidSafe app, it may be your best chance of knowing if you have been near a COVID-19 positive patient.
  • Member to bring their own hand sanitiser and use it regularly, of course you can also bring a face mask if you wish.
  • Any common equipment, like the charging bay and the sign in book is to be used with the strictest of hygiene control.
  • No BBQ or amenities are to be used.
  • All members attending the field are to fill in the sign in book, with your name, phone number and date/time, thank you – If required, we need to know who was there and how to contact them!

If there is an outbreak, we will need to be able to know who was at the field.  Please note that this book will a bit of a hygiene issue, so it has been suggested to do the follow,  BYO pen if possible,  use hand sanitiser both before and after,   before so as to not contaminate the book , after assuming it is. 

Please use a common sense approach while following these guidelines.