Member Application/Renewal
SUTHERLAND SHIRE SPORT FLYING ASSOCIATION INC Member Application/Annual Renewal 2022-2023.
** Note: Before new membership can be accepted, you are required to contact the club via our Expression of Interest page or by visiting the airfield to meet with a committee member.
Notes: 1. Club communications will be by email. Please advise the Secretary promptly if there is any change to your home address or your email address. 2. If you are renewing as a Pensioner or Associate Pensioner you must quote your Australian Pension Card Number. 3. Only Full Members and Full Pensioner Members can be nominated for committee positions.
NOTE: Silver Wings are required for SOLO flight of flying models over 2kg at SSSFA
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERS Late Renewals If Membership Fees are not paid by 1st July, you are not financially current or insured, and therefore, can neither fly at our fields, nor vote at the AGM. In line with the Department of Fair Trading to the Associations Incorporation Act 2009, Schedule 1, members have 3 months from June 30th to renew their membership. If membership is not paid by September 30th, the member will be removed from the SSSFA's membership register. If the member then wishes to re-join after five years has lapsed, he/she will be treated as a new member.